She may be TINY but she is TOUGH! Do NOT underestimate this girl based on looks alone! Dena is a force to be reckoned with! What she lacks in size she makes up in strength and determination. She’s been a member of the SkeeTown Family for quite a while. She was originally interested in CrossFit because she wanted to “lift heavy shit.” Real life! So she signed herself up, started coming to class on the regular, and guess what? She currently lifts heavy shit! Mission accomplished! Dena is a super fun person to be around! She loves to laugh and have a good time but she is serious about her workouts! We asked her about her experience with SkeeTown CrossFit, and this is what she told us!

What do you remember about your first workout? I remember that I was nervous… at first. Then I felt super comfortable since every movement was explained to me as well as how to scale to meet my level of comfort.

When working out, what’s your favorite thing to do? Lift heavy shit, of course! 

What advice do you have for new members? Don’t be afraid to try something new. Constantly push yourself but listen to your body. Celebrate every victory even the little ones!

What did you feel like before starting CrossFit? And how do you feel now? I felt like I couldn’t motivate myself to do my own workouts; there was no consistency and no improvement. I wasn’t happy with my energy level or my endurance. Now I’m upset when I can’t make it for a workout, I look and feel better, and have energy like never before!

left to right: Dena, Leann, Lisa and Laura before Murph.

Any physical changes you’d like to share? (Weight loss, inches lost/gained?) Honestly…I’ve stopped looking at the scale. I focus on how I feel and how my clothes fit. I can tell you that after almost two years there have been significant improvement to both!

What is special about SkeeTown that keeps you coming back? Easy! It’s the people, they become your family. They motivate you to be better, not just at the gym but in every aspect of your life. The friendships made here are irreplaceable!

Aww, such kind words! Thanks for bringing your spunk, sass and laughter into the gym! We  think you are an irreplaceable member of out SkeeTown family and thank you for choosing us as your go-to spot for fitness!

Just warming up….