This woman. She is so positive! She has a smile and a friendly word for everyone who comes through our door! On this meet a member Monday, we would like to introduce you to Robin! (AKA Pepsi) She is such a kind-hearted, thoughtful member of the SkeeTown family. Robin is known around SkeeTown CrossFit for doing random acts of kindness, like bringing in snacks, or making our coaches stockings at Christmas. Her smile simply lights up the room! She is also a super hard worker who constantly pushes herself to make gains and master new things. Robin actually signed up with her son Myron, and both of them have made great gains since they started! Robin started out in one of our six week “New You” challenges and when that was over, she transitioned over to regular CrossFit classes. She was kind enough to share a little about her experience as a member of SkeeTown CrossFit.  

What do you remember about your first workout? My first workout I remember being so scared while watching the regular members work out. I thought there was no way I’d be able to do that! (Surprise! Not only are you doing it? But you are KILLING it, Robin!)

When working out, what is your favorite thing to do? I LOVE to do burpees! Just kidding! My favorite thing is actually when I finally master something that I previously couldn’t do!

What advice do you have for new members? Just keep going! Don’t give up because it gets easier and you will not be sore forever!

What did you feel like before starting CrossFit? And how do you feel now? Before I started at SkeeTown CrossFit, I had a lack of confidence and motivation. I went to a gym for fifteen years….maybe I should say I was a member for that amount of time but if I went twice a month? I thought I was being productive and doing something. Now, it’s different! I feel like I need to come every day, and if I miss a day? I feel as if I’m not only letting myself down, but also I’m letting my CrossFit family down as well. So I am here and working hard nearly every day! And I feel great!

Any physical changes you’d like to share? (weight lost, inches lost/gained) I have lost a few pounds and I have definitely gained muscle.

What is special about SkeeTown CrossFit that keeps you coming back? I keep coming back because of the warm welcome and being like an extended member of a family. And also because of the encouragement and most importantly? The high fives!

Robin, thank you so much for sharing a little about your journey and inspiring others! We are so glad that you and Myron are part of our SkeeTown family! We look forward to watching you smash even more of your health and fitness goals! And thank you for always, always being so thoughtful and kind! We adore you!