I was lost.

Life can suck sometimes. BIG time.  But You know what I found that can help?  Working out; specifically, Crossfit.  I most definitely found exactly what I needed when I signed up for the 6 weeks New You program.  I was down, depressed, no ambition, lonely, I had let myself go, had let friendships go, bounced back and forth between bad relationships, allowed myself to be used, and had lost all focus of ME.  We sometimes can’t help traumatic life events, but we can help our future and our happiness.  Thankfully I had a few good friends who encouraged me to try Crossfit when they saw me in that state.  I was worried though; I hadn’t worked out in years!! I worried About the cost, if I could I handle the classes, how silly I would look, and if I’d even stick with it.  The program BY FAR exceeded any expectation I had!! I remember walking in on my first day pretty nervous and second guessing myself on what I signed up for!   Not to mention getting there at 6am and still half asleep.  I looked around and saw these weird circle plates with a hole in the middle, a bunch of rings and ropes hanging down from the rafters, big wood boxes, chalk marking all over the floor, a bunch of metal bars that I knew NOTHING about and loud music blaring.  However, I was instantly greeted with a smile, encouragement and a welcoming environment.  As the days went on, my fear turned into excitement.  And I knew I was hooked by Week 3.   My knowledge grew, my body was changing, muscles were developing, my techniques were improving, and I was doing movements I never thought I’d be able to do!  I even made new friends!  I was strengthening my body, but also my mind!!  My focus changed. I was finding myself again. I remembered how strong I REALLY am (even if it’s only a 35lb barbell).  I believe in myself again!   I’m not saying my life is perfect (far from it), but I’ve found something that makes me happy.   And I went right into a membership because of it!  At the end of 6 weeks, I lost 11.5 lbs, lost 6 inches, and was 1.4% down in Body fat.  I have a long way to go still but I feel motivated!  And I know this group will support, encourage, love, and keep me accountable. The coaches are amazing, the environment is positive, the music is good, and the workouts are crazy!   Come join us!

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You will not regret it!