How’s it going with your Nutrition? This month some of our members are doing a Nutrition Challenge with Coach Bobby. One thing they learned is that they should be eating “Clean.” Clean is an acronym and these principles can help you get the results you are working toward:

C-Consistancy– are you making good choices consistently?
L-Liquid– Are you getting enough water? What else are you consuming? Soda? Alcohol? How are you keeping track of this?
E- Eating Out– What are your eating out habits? How often are you doing it and what are your strategies for making healthy choices?
A-Are you eating Adequate Calories?
N-Nutritious Foods– What kind of food are you taking in?

Also, tracking is so important. Are you using “My Fitness Pal?” You should be!

As part of this group, participants took before pics, and measurements, and will be participating in extra cardio workouts and online chats with Bobby. Also, he is meeting with each participant weekly and looking at what they are eating, monitoring their progress, and making changes to their diet as needed, based on the results they want to see. We are excited to see their “afters” when the challenge is over!Do you need to fine-tune your nutrition? Click here for more information on how we can help you with that