It becomes hard for me to make “nutrition” a narrow discussion. Nutrition is the foundation of many things in my mind. Its the source of fuel for our bodies. Its a way of thinking, believing and living. Its sometimes the difference between feeling great and feeling cruddy. It creates an avenue for a longer life or it can contribute to unhealthy patterns, illness and disease. Food and drink is a way that we celebrate success and sometimes failure in our culture.

But when I come back to nutrition, what it means to me and why I’m passionate about it, I remember its the foundation of my health and fitness journey

My family grew up with just knowing “food” and food that tasted good, looked fun, was easy, quick, and cheap. My parents didn’t know what healthy nutrition really meant. And it was likely because no one had taught them. Fresh fruits and vegetables were not a staple in our home. I learned to enjoy food solely because of how it tasted or how easy it could be prepared. This led to several years of overeating, emotional eating and an unhealthy relationship with food. I honestly didn’t know any better.

Once I moved out and was on my own, I quickly realized this wasn’t healthy and it wasn’t satisfying. I didn’t like how my body looked or felt or performed. I was able to make some of my own choices and I enlisted the help of my boot camp instructor and fell in love with physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle! It was literally life changing! I watched my body completely transform. I watched the weight fall off and I felt SO MUCH BETTER! I could think more clearly, my body just felt cleaner, happier and healthier. I was sick less often and my body could do all of the things I asked it to and then some!

I could talk all day about what nutrition does for our mental, emotional and physical health!

I believe that its the basis of our health and wellness in so many ways. Without balanced, healthy nutrition I’m not my best. 

I’ve learned that I’ll have ups and downs and that perfection isn’t the goal. An overall mentality, lifestyle and value for healthy nutrition is what has led me to success. When I’m in this place, I prep food for the week, I make healthier decisions when I’m out and about, I can say “no thank you” to something with greater ease and not only does my mind and body appreciate it, but I feel proud and accomplished and I continue to watch my body perform in ways I didn’t know I could! I’ve watched my PR’s skyrocket, I’ve watched myself conquer gymnastic movements that I didn’t know I was capable of. And I’m a firm believer that healthy nutrition remains the building blocks of all of the things my body is capable of doing.

I’m grateful for my journey and for Friction CrossFit sharing a like-minded view of nutrition. There have been multiple opportunities for help, accountability and growth. My most recent being a custom nutrition plan with the help of Kate. I’m looking forward to a healthier 2017 and where I’ll be able to take my goals and this crazy awesome journey at Friction CrossFit!

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