Thinking back to when we first met Mark…He and his wife Lori saw our advertised summer special and decided to try CrossFit. They were a little leery but recognized a need to be physically active on a regular basis. `After signing up, they really never looked back! Not only did they come to class regularly, they also starting coming to our social events and Mark competed in his first SkeeTown open this past fall! He rocked it! We refer to all of our members as athletes at SkeeTown CrossFit and shortly after Mark started, he shared that he told his two young adult daughters that he was an athlete now and they laughed at him. Turns out that Mark is getting the last laugh because he is killing it up in the gym, making great gains, getting stronger and HEALTHIER! Here’s what Mark has to say about his experience as a SkeeTown CrossFit athlete.

Mark warming up with some kettle bell swings.


What do you remember about your first workout? I remember being intimidated by all the crazy workout names and acronyms on the big screen,  and Coach Chad’s man-bun. (Haha! That’s a real thing! Gotta love Coach Chad and his man bun, for sure, right Mark?) I remember wondering if I’ll be able to keep up, and thinking “What is an out of shape old man doing in a CrossFit class?


When working out, what is your favorite thing to do?  Anything BUT burpees!


Mark tearing it up on the assault bike during one of the Open workouts.

What advice do you have for new members? Be ready for muscles you didn’t know you had to become very, very sore. I couldn’t pick anything up off of the floor for a week. Learning new things is always a challenge so don’t feel silly about not having the right form. It will come. Most of all, don’t hesitate! I wish I had started ten years ago!

What did you feel like before starting CrossFit? And what do you feel like now? Before starting CrossFit, I felt weak and not very flexible. Now I feel stronger and such more flexible.



Taking a breather to catch his breath!

Any physical changes that you’d like to share? Yes! Since starting at SkeeTown CrossFit, I have reversed my type 2 Diabetes, and am now off my medications. My blood pressure is way down. And I am down 25 pounds for a total weight loss of 100 pounds. (Wow! Just wow! That? Is FANTASTIC Mark!!!)

What is special about SkeeTown that keeps you coming back? Like any great organization, it’s the people! The staff is eager to help you learn, improve and avoid injury. the members are welcoming and ready to root you on!

Mark! You should be SO PROUD of yourself! You have made outstanding progress on your journey to health! We love having you as a SkeeTown CrossFit athlete and look forward watching you continue to smash your goals! Thank you for making us your fitness choice!

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