So what are YOU doing at 5 AM during the work week? Meet Marissa! This girl can be found consistently at SkeeTown CrossFit during the week for the 5 AM class! Now THAT is motivation! Marissa is newly married to Anthony, is a swim coach in addition to her day job, and always has a smile and an upbeat attitude! Read to find out her thoughts on fitness, getting started with CrossFit, and why she makes SkeeTown CrossFit her first stop on many mornings!

Here’s Marissa, just hangin’ at the gym…

What do you remember about your first workout at SkeeTown? My first workout was with Coach Erica during “New You” (SkeeTown’s 6 week Challenge) and we did box jumps, sit ups, and pushups, and I thought,”Wow! This is a great atmosphere and I cannot wait for the next workout!”


When working out, what is your favorite thing to do? I love stretching. I could stretch all day. (Mobility) I also love jump ropes and pull ups!


What advice do you have for new members? There will be workouts that test your strength both physically and mentally. Count on your coaches and other athletes to help push you through.


What did you feel like before starting CrossFit? And how do you feel now? I never really focused on weightlifting. I had always done cardio. Before CrossFit, I felt like I had hit my peak. Like I couldn’t get any stronger and couldn’t lose any more weight. Now I’m stronger, faster, and am so energized every single day! 


Any physical changes you would like to share? (Weight lost, inches lost/gained) Over the past year, I’ve lost 10 pounds and gained and inch of muscle on my arms. (Yeah girl!!! You GO!!!)


What is special about SkeeTown CrossFit that keeps you coming back? It’s tough working out at 5 AM but knowing that there will be a coach there ready to encourage me makes me get out of bed. I receive tremendous support at every workout and it’s so encouraging!

Marissa! Awesome results! Thank you for sharing your story and for consistently showing up at 5 AM with a smile and a positive “can-do” attitude! Your 5 AM crew and coach appreciate you! We are so glad that you are part of our SkeeTown Fam!

Marissa and some of her 5 AM friends.

Such a beautiful couple!