The fitness industry of today has been over monetized and measures success by providing the athlete with things they WANT rather than what they NEED. When it comes to fitness people differ by degree, not by kind. The CrossFit model does this extremely well; The best athlete in the world and a 60 year old lady who has never touched a weight can workout in the same class. The Coaches are professionals at scaling the workout. They preserve the same stimulus or target the muscle groups by modifying the movement so than everyone can do the same workout. Its an awesome thing! CrossFit is a melting pot of people, which makes it unique to any other fitness program out there today.

In other gyms or fitness establishments, It seems like everyone gets a t-shirt, massage and a smoothie with every workout today. If you puke – you’re told it’s because you’re working hard. As a trainer or gym owner, if your business takes off, it’s time to develop a certification process that you can sell to others so they can put more worthless initials behind their name. Sound familiar?

Our training has basically become overly sensitive for public approval and instead of instilling fundamentals in movement and strength that will help people in sport AND life, we’re barraged with sexy drills and training masks that fool others into thinking we’re innovative.

It’s time to get back to the basics. As a gym owner or trainer, stop just training others & learn to coach. Stop thinking of only selling a product & do more to provide value to others. For athletes, work on building real strength with purposeful resistance training built on the fundamentals of good technique.

At Skeetown CrossFit, We do not sugar coat anything. We give you the best advice possible so that you can life a long, happy and injury free life!

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