Your workout should be the best hour of your day and high fives are as good as GOLD!

Its always the same spiral, you’ll try to get motivated. Others will try to motivate you. You’ll make resolutions, buy new shoes, write goals on your fridge. You’ll commit. You’ll post memes and read magazine articles about motivation. You’ll resolve, swear and promise.

And you don’t need to do any of it.

“Exercise until you’re happy” Long-time exercisers like me already get this. Workouts aren’t work when you like them. We want this to feel like a play ground for adults; When running, monkey bars and getting dirty were FUN!

The brain isn’t second to the body; the mind is primary. When your mind is busy, it’s happy. When your body is busy, it’s healthy. Why do we chase the second goal first?

Your gym should make you happy. When you like going to the gym, everything else falls into place.

When your workout feels like a game, you don’t need external motivation. You don’t need to get “fired up” to exercise. You don’t need a magical green drink to get excited.

When you work out WITH people instead of BESIDE people, you have fun together. You behave as a team. You become friends. Sometimes, it’s the most positive interaction you’ll have with another human all day.

When you’re coached, you don’t have to motivate yourself to do the hard stuff; it’s out of your hands. Follow along, do your best, high-five. That’s it.

The hard stuff–motivation, planning, sticking with it–is taken out of your hands when you focus on HAPPY. Exercise until you’re happy; that’s it.

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