The SkeeTown CrossFit community is amazing, I love how everyone supports one another, and everyone has their own strengths that can inspire each other! We sometimes need others to look to for motivation and inspiration to push harder and achieve our goals (and beyond). The community at SkeeTown breeds this mentality. Even if we fail and are hard on ourselves, the SkeeTown family and the coaches keep pushing us all little by little to reach our goals (big or small), and then one day we “nail it” with the perfect form, the perfect rhythm, a PR! They are there for a pat on the back for our victories or lend a helping hand when we fail! I’ve made so many gains in the past 6 months since I have joined SkeeTown. I am doing movements in both strength and gymnastics I never thought I’d get this soon! I set aside my struggles & frustrations I had before, and looked beyond my fears, and with the help from my coaches & my teammates I have powered through them! I have new goals and new records I want to reach, and being a part of SkeeTown CrossFit I am now confident I can get there!