Hear it from Mike himself,
“I was sick and tired of how I looked and felt.   I was on Facebook and saw the New You Challenge.  I did not know where it was at or what in involved.  I saw that it created a meal plan and was obviously at some type of gym.   When I saw it was at Skeetown Crossfit, I was a bit apprehensive.  I have always scoffed at Crossfit.   Well, I jumped in with both feet, joined the challenge and I was hooked.   I loved the atmosphere of the gym and the coaches.   They truly care about you and how you are doing.  They make sure you are doing the movements correctly unlike other “boot camp”  type places.  I am still on the meal plan today.   The challenge was 6 weeks.  I lost 13lbs, and 5% body fat plus 7 total inches in the right spots.   I feel better, look better, am stronger and more confident.   I decided to commit to year membership at Skeetown Crossfit.  I am hooked.    This is what I needed to be the healthiest me i can be.   Thank you to Erica, Adrian and Nate”.

Mike Culleton
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