What do you remember about your first workout? I enjoyed the workout and thought the coaches were encouraging.

When working out, what’s your favorite thing to do? I like the variety of the routine and working out with the group. Workouts are never the same!

What advice do you have for new members? Don’t get discouraged! Be patient and the techniques and improvements will come!

What did you feel like before starting CrossFit, and how do you feel now? Before I started CrossFit I had no flexibility! Now, I feel more flexible and I’m getting stronger!

Any physical changes you’d like to share? I have lost 25 pounds! Also, after having shoulder surgery, CrossFit has helped me gain back mobility in my shoulders.

What is special about SkeeTown CrossFIt that keeps you coming back? SkeeTown CrossFit has great trainers! I enjoy working out with the small sized workout groups.