What do you remember about your first workout?

My first workout was a personal training session with Coach Erica. My first thought was,”Wait? That was the warm up? I thought that was the workout!”

What is your favorite thing to do?

My favorite thing to do would be to work out with the other members! They make it fun, are encouraging, and push me father than I push myself. I like it all- the stretching, the gymnastics, the lifting, and the WOD.

What’s your advice to new members, or someone who’s thinking about starting CrossFit?

Don’t be intimidated! Don’t be afraid you can’t do it…you CAN do it! CrossFit is great because anything in a workout can be modified to meet you where you are at!

What keeps you coming back to SkeeTown CrossFit?

The community! That, along with the positive energy and the fact that I feel stronger and more fit every day! This is the first time in my life, outside of competitive sports, that I look forward to working out and enjoy it while I’m doing it instead of praying for it to be over! I’m happier and feel better- physically, mentally, and emotionally. Endorphins are a wonderful thing!