You know what we like best around here- RESULTS!!! This week after having his yearly physical, Gary got a high five from his doctor for doing CrossFit. He lost 6 pounds from last year, but more importantly, his blood pressure was down in the normal range. It was borderline high two months ago. Good news for sure! Yay, Gary!!!

This is not surprising because Gary has been working super hard! He has continued to do personal training sessions with Coach Erica three days a week. Coach Erica reports,”At the gym, Gary is working so hard and is fun to train. He has the right attitude and is definitely committed to making changes.He is kicking butt at holding himself accountable outside of the gym He’s making smart choices with his nutrition even when he’s surrounded by junk food. He’s consistently logging his food into the “My Fitness Pal” app, and his macros are totally on point! I go on vacation tomorrow so I have him working with Coach Adrian . I won’t see Gary again for two weeks so I gave him detailed homework for his workouts. I’ll be checking in with him over text during that time.”

Coach Adrian is going to make Gary WORK!

That’s one really nice thing about doing personal training; the client/trainer relationship. Gary and Erica keep in touch over text, which is nice if Gary has a question, or if Erica wants to check on Gary, or keep him accountable. Here’s a text Gary sent Erica about making healthy food choices….

Smart Ass. 

So after two-ish weeks, Gary is really getting into the swing of things. Here is his perspective on how things are progressing….

What’s been easy to get the hang of? What’s presented the biggest challenge so far? Things are going good but slow. There is definitely a learning curve. CrossFit is much different than any type of exercise than I have done before. New lingo, new exercises, etc… I guess the routine has been the easiest. I now plan out my CrossFit schedule every week in advance and that keeps me going. Before, I would exercise whenever I could fit it in, which was hardly ever.

What’s your favorite thing you have done so far in a workout? What’s been your most dreaded thing? My favorite thing so far has been the stretching. The stretches are different and challenging but already I see improvement in my mobility and less aches and pains. Most dreaded is my lack of cardio strength. I just have to get stronger every day, but it sure is humbling.

You’re a busy person. How are you finding the time to fit in your workouts? Finding time is easy. Lots of hours are available at SkeeTown do I just put it into my schedule and go!

How’s the nutrition going? Are you using My Fitness Pal? Are you planning your meals ahead of time and following the meal plan? The nutrition piece is going great! My Fitness Pal is definitely the best app for this. I just put in everything I eat and it gives me instant results. It is a roadmap to get me to my goal.


So you are a little over two weeks in. How are you feeling? I feel sore but that is proof to me that I am working! No pain? No gain!

What small victories do you have to report? The small victories are that I feel better!  And I am becoming more flexible and stronger!

Gary also added,”Erica is awesome! I have been surprised how hard this is but I am starting to see and feel the results!” Yeah, Gary! That’s what we LOVE to see! Results! Stronger every day! And Gary, STAY THE COURSE my man because word on the street is that Erica is going to be checking weights/measurements the week you guys meet back up. DO NOT DISAPPOINT!!! (If you see Gary out and about, please encourage him to stay on track!)

Erica really enjoys training Gary and looks forward to their sessions. “I want this to become a lifestyle for Gary so he can feel good and be around for his family until he’s all old and wrinkly,” said Erica. Aww! Trainer love. Keep up the good work, Gary! We’ll check in with you next week!