It’s Monday and you know what that means! Meet a member Monday! Today we are featuring SkeeTown Athlete Eric Ruthkowski! It seems like everybody knows our boy Ruthy! He’s a super friendly, outgoing guy, who likes to laugh and have a good time! However, he has always been active and loves to challenge himself when it comes to his workouts. Eric has been involved in sports in some capacity for his entire life, and decided to give CrossFit a try this past year. Here’s what he has to say about his experience at Skeetown.

Eric enjoys golf in his spare time. Aaanddd ladies who golf…..

What do you remember about your first workout at SkeeTown? Holy crap! I’m gonna be sore but look forward to seeing the results later on.

There are no words for these shenanigans. Trust me. No words. 

What is your favorite thing to do? I like seeing how far I can push myself. I never would really got the extra mile before starting CrossFit, and it’s given me the mindset and strength mentally and physically to do that extra rep.


What is your best advice for new members? Stay consistent! That goes for everything; days you work out, meals, sleep patterns. Trust me, it improves your lifestyle.

Eric visiting an affiliate box while on vacation. Gotta keep consistent! 

What keeps you coming back to SkeeTown CrossFit? The competitive nature and personal goals I’ve set and want to reach, and also the people in the SkeeTown family. It’s incredible the bond we all have! We push each other that extra rep, we high five when we’re down, we pick up after each other. Not only has CrossFit improved my health but it’s improved my overall well-being. I love it!

We love having Eric as a member of our SkeeTown family! He is always a great time to workout with! No only does he keep us laughing, but he also inspires us be our best through his actions and his encouragement! He’s an awesome team player! Keep chasing those gains, Ruthy! Stronger everyday! 


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Eric at Murph