It’s Meet a Member Monday, y’all! And who better to introduce you to than Michael Sanders. So many things to say about this SkeeTown Athlete! He is someone who definitely puts 100% into his efforts, but is also here to cheer the rest of us on as well! Not gonna lie, this guy has a witty and quick sense of humor, so he can be a little sassy! He keeps you laughing and on your toes! Most often in the gym he can be found with his buddy, Mike, however we all love having Sanders around! So much so, that he has even become one of the “girls!” We often like to cheer him on with an enthusiastic “You Go Girl!” Perfect, because he’s a great daddy to his own little girl, and he and his wife are expecting baby #2 this summer. Here’s what our best girl Sandy had to say about his experience at SkeeTown CrossFit.

What Do You Remember About Your First Workout?
My first workout at SkeeTown was intimidating up until it started. After introductions and a welcome, Nate walked through the entire workout and the journey began!

What’s Your Favorite Thing To Do?
My favorite thing to do in a workout is anything and everything! (And then he threw out a lively “Shout out, CrossFit.” So there’s that.)

What Is Your Advice For New Members?
New members! There is nothing more rewarding than this journey! Become part of the community and never look back!

What Keeps You Coming Back To SkeeTown CrossFit?
Personally, I keep coming back because of the people, and CrossFit has changed my life for the better… more than any “fitness program” could even come close to! It’s hard to put a price on becoming better at every functional activity life could throw at you, feeling better every day, and participating in life’s activities.

“BAM! Mic Drop”-Sanders

Yeah, gurl! Thanks for being a larger than life presence here at SkeeTown, being our friend and cheerleader! We love having you as a part of our SkeeTown Family!