Magda Mrozek has been a member at SkeeTown CrossFit since January 2017. Since joining, she has become a friendly, familiar face around our box. She took a few minutes after working out to share a little bit about herself, her workouts, and what brings her back for more.

What do you remember about your first workout at SkeeTown? My first day, I was really scared go and to try something different, but once I got there, the people were really nice and supportive. That helped me feel comfortable.

What’s your favorite thing to do? I don’t really have a favorite thing to do at CrossFit because the workouts are all challenging and fun. I like deadlifts because they don’t seem to have as much technicality and I feel like they work on so many different parts of the body. And I like working out on Thursdays with my buddy Erica.

Do you have any advice for new members? Just don’t think about it too much. Show up, come in and do it!

What keeps you coming back to SkeeTown CrossFit? The people, the coaches, and seeing the results!